XenArmor Website Blocker Pro 1 Year

XenArmor Website Blocker Pro 1 Year

৳ 250.00

Main Features

  • Instantly Block Any Website
  • One-click Blocking of 30 pre-listed popular websites
  • Unblock website instantly anytime later
  • Block from all browsers & desktop apps
  • No need to install browser plugins
  • No need for a proxy server or firewall
  • 100% Stealth, no background programs
  • Fast execution, Do not slow down your computer unlike others
  • Set login password to protect from others
  • Automation of blocking/unblocking operation

Want to block distracting or non-productive websites at work, school, or home? XenArmor Website Blocker Pro 2021 is likely to be your best option. This powerful software helps you to instantly add & block any Website on your computer. You can easily block top Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Tinder, etc. Moreover, You can set a login password to prevent others from accessing it.


  • License type: 1-year
  • Platform: Windows


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